Тэтгэлэг горилогсдод тусламж

Dedicated to my Blue-eyed full cheek.

Today is your birthday. We were expecting you long time, especially mummy and daddy. Before your safe arrival, the whole family was on an anticipation mood. A full-scale preparation, including cleaning up the garden, which took at least three weekends, renovating a nursery room with a purple wall, buying baby cloths, reusable nappies, a stroller, car seats and etc. was on for at least a half year. The last thing was to have the big black car professionally cleaned that it looked almost new.

The night before your birth the household was on a high alert. When you finally decided to appear, we were all delighted, especially ЭМЭЭ who sobbed learning you were a girl.

The first month I was scared of you. You were a tiny little creature that I was afraid to touch. Everyone was ecstatic about cuddle. But I knew back then I’d be one of favorites soon.

Coming back from holiday I learned that you started to show individuality. You had a very long attention span. With a piece of paper it took you good 15 minutes to play. You would spend five minutes for each: making a noise,  turning over, and flipping it. You had studied a small piece of wrap paper if it were the most complex engineering masterpiece.

You were becoming cuter and cuter each day, and still you are. I feel lucky that I could witness your first sit up, commando crawl, full scale crawl, riding a mobile, standing, steps, reading, building, drawing…

You liked very much walking around the dinner table with me. We were ideal for each other: making small steps in unison holding four hands. I believe you’ll become a great soccer player as your kicking Grandma’s cumcuats were superb. You liked a little yellow frog in the backyard so much that quickly learned to respond to questions ”Where is a hop hop? Where is a tuun-tuun?”.

You are the first Australian-Australian baby who understands and speaks some Mongolian. Your first word НАМ-НАМ refers to food, and then ӨВӨӨ, ЭМЭЭ, АЙНАА, ГОХ-ГОХ, ГО-ГО, БА-БА, ХОВ-ХОВ. Now you reply АА, ТИЙН and laugh when I call you ШАР ТОЛГОЙ.

Your linguistic development amazes me. Now you can not only reply (I am very busy, grandma to a request), but also comment (Aйнаа is playing (pause for an effect) as a baby). LOL.

For coming years Aйнаа may not be able to attend your birthday parties. But Aйнаа will celebrate the day and will always cherish the memories of us together: swinging in the park,  letting cones to run down on a slippery-dip at the park, play Hide & Seek  with a neigbor’s black ХОВ-ХОВ, and laugh until we can’t breath. Also Aйнаа hopes one day you will come to Mongolia visit her. Then we will ride a two-hump camel, whose stand up is much the like sliding down a slippery dip.

Meantime, I am wishing to my Blue-eyed full cheek Happy Second Birthday. 

With lots of love from Айнаа.

Comments on: "Цэнхэр нүдэн бомбооко" (7)

  1. тан шиг Айнаатай азтай “Шар толгой” байнаа:) уншиж сурахаар нь уншуулна гэж найдаж байна, таны хайрыг бүр их мэдрэх байх.

  2. Тийм шүү. Гадаадад байгаа монгол хүүхдүүд яагаад монгол хэлгүй болдог вэ гэдгийг ойлгоход их тус болсон азтай, хөөрхөн “шар толгой” байгаа юм

    • uchir ni ted mongolooroo l yaridaggui yum shu dee herev ted yaridag bol huuhed bol sponge shig sorood l avna he he

  3. neg iim amid togloomoor shagnachih sn sanaatan oldqm bh da kk

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