Тэтгэлэг горилогсдод тусламж

From: http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/centric/expatriates/finding_your_new_job_in_sa.jsp

For opportunity updates…

Heidi from Chinawww.southaustralia.biz is a state government website and an excellent resource for industry and job-related information. It is regularly updated with new investment projects tabled for South Australia—a good indicator of pending job opportuinities.

Skilled employment opportunities are available in many industry sectors including resources, health services, engineering, management and trades.

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Job hunting

You can find job listings every Saturday in Adelaide’s major newspaper, The Advertiser. Executive jobs are also advertised in Saturday’s edition of the national newspaper, The Australian. Both papers list their jobs online at careerone.com.au.

Major job search websites include:Hospitality employee

State and Federal Government jobs

Recruitment firms

Construction and building jobs

Civil engineering jobs

Defence industry jobs

Environment and heritage jobs

Executive appointments

Human resource (HR) jobs

IT industry jobs

Medical officer jobs

Nursing registration and jobsnurse at work

Olympic Dam expansion project jobs

Police recruitment

Resources and mining jobs

Teaching jobs

Trades jobs

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  1. sain bnu? tanii ene ih ajiliig amjuulj bdagt chin ih uram orj erch huch avdag shu
    bi taiwand mastert surdag oyutan zuniihaa amraltaar working holiday visa-r australia oroh huseltei gehdee bas humuusees zovlogoo avch bj bolyo ged yag shiideegui bgaa l da 2 sar ajillahad zardalaa daaj chadah bolu?

    uul ni adeleide-n site-s ene torliin visanii solongos zaluugiin tuuh unshsan gehdee mongol hunees ug sonsmoor sanagdaad bichij bgaamaa

  2. oo neeree mongol uls ene torliin visand hamragddaggui bolovch taiwanii residence card-r boloh yum bna le

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